Audi's Next Electric Sedan Gets Approval To Terminate Tesla

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German automaker Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has approved production plans for a four-wheel-drive coupe-like sedan that will rival the Tesla Model S.

The new car is expected to be Audi's new range topper and could bear the A9 e-tron moniker.

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The A9 e-tron is expected to lead Audi's charge into the world of electric automated cars.  The A9 will feature level 4 autonomy, which means that the vehicle performs all critical functions for the entire trip, with the driver not at all expected to take control of the vehicle at any moment of time. 

This means that the electric Audi sedan will have even more tech than the next-generation model of the German carmaker's flagship, the A8. The new A8 will feature level 3 autonomy when it launches next year.

The A9 e-tron will have the same drivetrain setup as the upcoming Q6 e-tron SUV. The A9 will be powered by three electric motors, two on the rear wheels and one on the front axle, that will draw power from a liquid-cooled 95kWh battery bolted to the floor below the passenger compartment. The A9 will offer up to 500 kilometers of range on a single charge of its power pack.

Along with normal charging and fast charging options, the A9 e-tron will also be able to charge up wirelessly through a 11kW inductive charging option which will use Audi's latest wireless charging technology. Audi will also fit the A9 with and an autonomous parking function that will automatically park the car over a charging plate.

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