Cake Kalk& First Look Review - Electric Off-Road Specialist

Swedish EV maker Cake revealed three lineups of electric motorcycles at Auto Expo 2023. The Swedish electric motorcycle specialist is said to be planning its entry into the Indian market.

Out of the three lineups of electric motorcycles that were showcased by Cake at the Auto Expo it was the Kalk that really caught our attention. In the first look review, we will talk about the design, features, specs and dimensions of the Cake Kalk& electric motorcycle that was showcased at Auto Expo 2023.

Cake Kalk& Design & Features

The Kalk lineup of electric motorcycles is focused on off-roading. The Kalk& showcased at Auto Expo 2023 is billed as the street-legal off-roader and requires an A1 license to be ridden in Europe.

The Kalk& follows the minimalist design language of Cake's entire range of bikes. In fact, the Kalk just looks like a frame with all the electrical gubbins, battery pack and everything else bolted on.

At the front, the Kalk& sports a circular headlight with the front two blinkers slightly below. The main attention-grabbing piece up front is the gold Ohlins upside-down fork which connects the frame of the bike to the 19-inch spoked aluminium wheel.

The frame of the Kalk& houses the small 2.6kW battery pack that sits above a sleek seat setup that looks painted on at some angles. At the end of the seat sits the taillight and rear blinkers.

Also seen is a small display that gives riders all the details they need including speed, range and others. This display also connects to the Cake Connect App on smartphones that allow owners to lock/unlock their bike, customise ride and braking modes, see ride stats and perform bike diagnostics among others.

The rear suspension almost seems hidden in between the Kalk's aluminium frame and is an Ohlins TTX36 in the usual bright gold colour scheme. The rest of the Kalk& is done up in a rather blink and you'll miss it, stealthy grey colour scheme while the seat is offered up in a mix of white and black.

Cake Kalk& Specs & Dimensions

The Cake Kalk& is powered by a small 2.6kWh battery pack that delivers a range of 86km on a single charge. The battery pack is removable and can be charged back to full capacity in 3 hours though the 0 to 80 per cent time is just 2 hours.

The battery pack powers a single electric motor that normally produces 7.77bhp. However, the peak output from this motor is 13.41bhp and 252Nm of torque at the wheel.

This 252Nm of instantaneous torque at the wheel along with the low 79kg weight propels the Kalk& to a top speed north of 90km/h.

The Kalk& sports Ohlins suspension is specially developed for Cake. The front suspension is a 38mm upside-down fork equipped with Ohlins advanced 3-stage air springs that can be tweaked for ride height and also be used to ensure the bike doesn't bottom out.

The rear suspension setup features an Ohlins TTX22 shock with Cake internals and spring. Both the front and rear suspension offer 205mm of travel and the Kalk& also gets 300mm of ground clearance along with a 926mm seat height.

The Cake Kalk& rides on 19-inch spoked aluminium wheels shod with dual sport motorcycle tyres. Braking duties are handled by Formula Motorcycle disc brakes with four piston callipers.

Thoughts About The Cake Kalk&

The Cake Kalk& shows the world that EVs can go offroad for fun. With its minimalistic looks and insane ground clearance and seat height, the Kalk& is not the EV for everyone and that's what makes it so unique.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 15:23 [IST]
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