Vehicle Horn Noise Levels To Be Controlled Soon — Maximum Output To Be 100 Decibels

Vehicle Horn Sound Levels To Be Lowered: The Indian government plans to reduce the sound intensity of vehicle horns soon. As per the upcoming rule, all road-going vehicles will emit horns with a sound output ranging only from 88 decibels to 100. The new move is to check the rising noise pollution in urban areas.

The existing noise level is fixed from 93db to 112db. Loud horns often become a nuisance for other road users and this is the first the government is considering it seriously. Thanks to local traffic police officials, vehicles having such loud horns have been seized to a good extent.

At the new 100-decibel sound limit, the recommended noise level for vehicle horns is still one of the highest in the world. However, the rule is mainly concentrated on drivers who put ridiculously loud horns on their vehicles. Such vehicles often invite road casualties too.

The new reform will bring down the maximum horn noise levels by around 10% and we can observe this change very easily, once implemented. If we reside by the main road, vehicle horns will be the main source of noise pollution. While some people get used to it, others will have a tough time coping with it.

Good drivers never horn at night unless it is absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, in foreign countries, drivers very rarely use horns even during the daytime. But in those places, the entire road discipline is much more mature than that in India.

The Indian government has already banned the use of harsh air horns and multi-tone horns; things common in many trucks and buses. However, such horns are available as aftermarket fitments and many vehicles still ply using those.

Though the new rule has not been official yet, we can expect a formal announcement soon and the Central Motor Vehicle rules will be amended accordingly. Many foreign car brands operating in India use special category horns in their cars as the ones they sell in outside countries emit much lesser sound.

Thoughts On Government Reducing Vehicle Horn Sound Levels

The upcoming addition to the rules of Indian motoring is a welcome reform. Often in our daily commuting, we encounter idiotic drivers who annoy everyone else on the road with their ear-piercing horns. There have been reports over the years where bus or truck drivers tend to panic two-wheeler users, especially lady riders, by purposefully horning at them from behind without warning. We expect the government to impose even more stringent rules to prevent such maniacal actions on the road in the future.

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