Self-Driving Autonomous Tractors In India — The Next Big Thing In The Field Of Agriculture

As per reports, self-driving or autonomous tractors will be the next big thing in the field of agriculture in India. Just like an autonomous car, these tractors can drive on its own in a specified path using GPS-based technology. India, being one of the biggest markets for agricultural machinery, will become a potential hub for such advanced technology.

Recently, Mahindra & Mahindra launched their first driverless tractor. Using GPS coordinates it can recognise the farm boundaries while also being able to be controlled remotely via a tablet. In addition to this, it can lift things from the ground too.

Another company named Escorts has also introduced an autonomous tractor. Though still in the concept form, global technology companies including Microsoft will revolutionise the concept using tools such as Internet Of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Bosch and Reliance Jio will also support the mass introduction of self-driving tractors.

Meanwhile, Mumbai-based start-up, AutoNXT has developed the world's first electric tractor — the Hulk. The company, run by electronics engineer Kaustubh Dhonde, employs cameras coupled to dedicated hardware and software for function without direct human inputs.

Dhonde says that farmers with a field smaller than five acres should choose to rent tractors rather than buying one. AutoNXT aims to serve such farmers by providing the best tractors in the business — eco-friendly, efficient and self-operating.

Tractors have lesser components and technological sophistication compared to a conventional automobile such as acar or a truck. For the same reason, tractors are much cheaper to develop; the case being similar to autonomous tractors too.

The Indian government has always lent support to the farming community by providing adequate resources and machinery. If self-propelled tractors are implemented on a wider scale, the government is expected to have tax relaxations on it to help farmers. If the tractors are electric like the AutoNXT Hulk, there will be even more appreciation from the government.

Thoughts On Driverless Tractors Becoming Common In India Soon

Autonomous vehicles are definitely the next big thing in the automotive industry and many brands have implemented it in full-scale or semi-scale, in their products. As for tractors, farmers are yet to become fully aware of the efficiency at which an autonomous tractor could perform. Though the initial cost will be higher than a conventional diesel model, the output levels and time management offered by driverless tractors will be unmatchable. This would lead to higher profits in the long run.

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