DSK Makes Way For The Italian Thoroughbreds!

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DSK Motowheels, the brand that brought the Korean motorcycle brand, Hyosung to India has announced their partnership with the Italian motorcycle maker, Benelli.

For a few out there wondering about Benelli, It is an Italian brand that started building and repairing bikes in 1911. It is the oldest Italian motorcycle maker. Benelli is now part of the Qianjiang (QJ) Group

The passion of the six Benelli brothers quickly made them famous in the world of motorsports and Benelli had won numerous victories in the Italian, European and world motorcycle championships in a very short period.

Frank Zhuang, was present for during the tie up and said, "After setting foot in 30 countries, now we would like to introduce some the best designed and performing motorcycles to the second largest two wheeler market in the world. Indian market is the most important market for Benelli."

Shirish Kulkarni, The Chairman for DSK Motowheels said "We are extremely happy to partner with the oldest Italian motorcycle maker and excited to bring the largest range of Italian superbikes to India."

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The pure passion of the six Benelli brothers for motorcycles led them to build beauties such as these back in 1911.

The company has plans to bring in their entire fleet like

  • TNT 302
  • TNT 600
  • TNT 600 GT
  • TNT899
  • TNT1130R

The pricing though has not been revealed yet and the so are the specifications of these motorcycles.

The bikes stand a class apart when it comes to the design. It's either a love-it-at-first-sight or their design grows on you over time. It would be very tough to hate these naked, well-toned motorcycles that have been beefed up at just the right places.

The exposed tubular frame adds to the side profile of the motorcycle. The frame looks like it appears out of nowhere, disappears and then emerges again. This little illusion act goes very well with the overall design.

The distinctive design is very well shown towards the rear of the motorcycle. The exhaust neatly tucks under the tail section and the tail lamp sits in between the exhaust. This kind of a design is entirely unique and executed really well.

The meter console gets one large analogue rpm dial and a small temperature gauge. The digital display gives only the required information. The indication lights are well placed and easy to read.

Benelli as a brand is very well known in the motorsports industry. Tonino Benelli, one of the brothers, had a natural talent for racing. The company won multiple trophies in MotoGP (250 Class) and the famous Isle Of Man TT as well.

Now entering India through DSK Motowheels, Benelli has big plans for the Indian market. Their entry level bike, the TNT 302 looks to be very promising in terms of design and specs. Watch this space for more details like pricing of the Benelli motorcycles and engine specifications!

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