MotoGP: Yamaha Boss says Valentino Rossi Is The Greatest Of All Time

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For the 2017 MotoGP season, Yamaha M1 will be piloted by Italian legend Valentino and Spanish young gun Maverick Vinales. Lin Jarvis described this lineup as the 'fantastic combination'.

Jarvis also praised Rossi as the ‘greatest of all time', who won four premier class titles with Yamaha and shared the pit with Jorge Lorenzo from 2007-2010 and 2013-2016. The duo was considered by many as one of the best team lineups in MotoGP.

For this year, Lorenzo moved to Ducati allowing Vinales to grab the seat at Yamaha. Last year, the Spaniard gave Suzuki's first victory since 2007 at Silverstone. He has also proved that he is very fast on the M1 and is capable of challenging for the title this year.

At Yamaha Racing launch in Milan on February 9, Jarvis commented about the relationship between Rossi and Vinales. He said, "So far I have to say it's excellent... They had this mutual respect beforehand - Valentino has always been Maverick's idol and he continues to see him in that way. So you don't have this sort of animosity between the two riders. That's really good and it's like a breath of fresh air frankly at the moment.

"What was pleasing was that at the end of the last test, usually, the riders are in their own zones, finish their work and go back to the hotel. But Maverick's is very curious, motivated, and he came up to Valentino; 'what about this? what about that? What do you think?' You could see Valentino then lit up.

"Valentino is, let's be honest, the greatest of all time. So for us to have the greatest rider of all time, with the greatest new talent, is a fantastic combination. Brilliant.

"Valentino likes to share as well. Of course, he doesn't like to be beaten, but as you can see with his Academy he likes to share his knowledge with young riders. So let's see how long we can keep that [atmosphere] going during the season.

"We're under no false impressions, because if it gets to the back end of the season and they are both fighting for the championship dynamics change. In the meantime, we start with a great feeling in the garage."

At the pre-season test at Sepang, Yamaha Racing showed everyone that they have a very competitive motorcycle. Jarvis also aims to grab another MotoGP triple crown this season. In the past, Rossi and Lorenzo carried the team to capture four triple crowns.

As we all know, Rossi is a Sunday man and he has proved that numerous times. The Italian ended the test in sixth place and was only 0.221s off pace. He will also fight for the tenth title this year.

Jarvis added, "Valentino in the last three years has been 2nd-2nd-2nd. That's really impressive. He'll turn 38 next week, February 16, so to still have that speed at that age is phenomenal. Clearly, he has the potential to win that tenth title.

"Maverick, in my opinion, is a serious title contender this year. He's fitting in very, very well to the team and the bike. He's comfortable and focused. What's remarkable is every test so far, he's been fastest.

"So we've got two guys absolutely capable. The bike we tested in Malaysia was really good and everything the engineers brought was working. That doesn't often happen. Sometimes if you bring things they don't work, but everything we tried was working out well.

"I stated at our MotoGP team launch a few weeks ago that we are going for the triple crown, so we really want the teams', constructors' and riders' title. I think we can do it. We will try."

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