Video: Vigo Electric Motorcycle; 120bhp, 290km/h, 0-100 In 3.2 Sec

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A UK-based start-up firm, Vigo Motorcycles is developing an electric-powered motorcycle promising a 400 mile (643 km) range. The motorcycle design resembles the styling of a superbike and is expected to go like one.

The company also claims that the electric powered motorcycle will be market-ready in nine months. Talking about the design, the motorcycle is an absolute stunner and it looks like it's going 200 km/h when it is sitting still.

The electric motor on this motorcycle produces 120bhp of power and has a top speed of 180mph (290km/h). It can also do a dash from 0 - 60mph in 3.2 seconds (claimed). The battery on this motorcycle is a 21kWh unit which can be fully charged in 20-30 minutes from a fast charge station.

If we compare the electric range with some competitors on two wheels and four wheels, the best picks are Zero SR motorcycle and a Tesla Model S 100 D. The Zero SR has a range of 202 miles (325km) and the recently announced Tesla Model S 100 D has 335 miles (540km).

The Vigo electric motorcycle weighs only 160 kg and it comes with a price tag of £7,999 (Rs 6.71 lakh). The big question is, how Vigo motorcycle will manage to achieve the big claims that it made for such a low price tag? If it does, then the future of super performance motorcycling is safe.

Watch the teaser video uploaded by Vigo Motorcycles

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