A Two-Wheel-Drive Suzuki Burgman? Suzuki Files Patents For A Two-Wheel-Drive Scooter!

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Suzuki has filed a patent for a two-wheel-drive scooter with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The scooter closely resembles the Burgman 200, but with a new front-end.

As per what the US Patent and Trademark Office describes the scooter, an electric motor located on the front hub assists the engine-driven rear wheel in providing propulsion. The front wheel is mounted to a swing arm with a motor in the hub on the left, while the right hosts the suspension and brake.

The patent does not reveal the motor's performance or how it is powered. The patent images and description provide scarce information about the engine powering the rear wheel of the scooter.

It will be interesting to wait and see if Suzuki will manufacture the two-wheel-drive Burgman scooter, or it will be restricted to a concept alone. Also, keep in mind, this is not the first time Suzuki has used the Burgman scooter as a base to test new tech.

Suzuki has used the Burgman scooter to test fuel cell technology, and prototypes have begun road-testing. Will the two-wheel-drive Burgman see the light of day too? Stay tuned.

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