Here #Wego: Ringing In The New Year In Style In Bangalore

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Our first day on the Wego in Bangalore was an eventful one. Now, as the sun started setting down on the last day of 2016, we head out once again into the city to welcome the New Year with the rest of Bangalore.

After a few in-depth conversations over a meal with friends born and bred in Bangalore, the team decided to meet up at Smallys, (one of the branches is the smallest full-fledged operating restaurant in India) for a bite before heading out on the TVS Wego to the most happening places in the city on New Year's Eve.

After sating our stomachs, we rode off into the night, stopping on the way to top up the Wegos for the upcoming trip across the city.

Thankfully the external fuel filler cap on the TVS Wego ensured that we didn't have to get off the seat while filling up for the ride ahead.

Bangalore is known as the pub capital of India and zipping past the streets of the city on the Wego, we went past quite a few places where the city's denizens had gathered to bring in the New Year together with a friend and a pint.

Many more were seen heading towards the churches, which were still in a celebratory mood post-Christmas and lit up the area around them.

Next, we hit Church Street or as Bangalore knows it Pub Crawl Central. As we rode down the narrow street, the Wegohad to manoeuvre its way past the crowds who were queuing up outside some of Bangalore's finest watering holes.

Thankfully, the Wego's long wheelbase ensured that we easily squeezed past crowds awaiting entry into the various pubs and clubs that dot the street which were blaring out the latest hits for the partygoers who were rocking the year out.

With the year's last hours quickly running out, we rode away from the city centre towards Indira Nagar which is also known for its watering holes and is a hit among the younger crowd, which the Wego targets as well.

2017 roared into life as the city celebrated the dawn of a new year with firecrackers and we invoked some divine help for the year ahead, before heading home with the Wegos for the first time in the new year as we celebrated a new year together with some good food and much-needed siesta.

However, our adventures on the Wego are not yet over and we'll soon be heading to out celebrate the harvest festival of Pongal in Chennai.

Keep your eyes glued to this place as the final adventure in our crazy ride aboard the Wego starts in a few weeks time.

So, here we come Chennai or rather here #WegoChennai.

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Story first published: Monday, January 2, 2017, 17:58 [IST]
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