Video: Marc Marquez Rides His Honda MotoGP Bike Up A Ski Course

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A Red Bull promotional video surfaced on the Internet in which reigning MotoGP world Champion Marc Marquez rides his Honda RC213V race bike up an Alpine downhill ski course. The Hahnenkamm Rennen course on the Hahnenkamm peak in Austria is known as the toughest course in skiing World Cup.

The RC213V was equipped with tires studded with tw0-inch-long ice spikes to claw its way up the fabled course. For making the MotoGP race machine to take on snow covered surface, Red Bull sought the help of Austrian ice speedway legend Franky Zorn. He installed ice racing spikes on the Michelin tyres that are suitable for the Honda machine.

MotoGP race machines are purposefully built for racing circuits only and they produce a massive 250bhp and weighs only 160kg. But the three-time world champion now has enough experience to ride his Honda in some challenging conditions as this video will demonstrate.

Marquez hopped on his race bike in Repsol Honda race leathers and tackled the snow covered mountain surface. When he got comfortable with the surface, the champion began to pop a few wheelies and clawed his way up the ski slope.

Watch Marc Marquez - MotoGP Snow Ride

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