MapMyIndia Launches India's First GPS Tracking Device For Motorcycles — Here Are The Details

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MapMyIndia known for their GPS navigation, tracking, location apps, map data, APIs & GIS solutions has launched 'Rover Bike', India's first GPS tracking device for motorcycles.

The device is loaded with built-in GPS and internet connectivity, along with MapMyIndia's maps and location technologies. By using the device, users can stay connected with their bikes via a mobile app. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

With the combination of hardware and the software, Rover Bike can send real-time data regarding the motorcycle's location, driving direction and speed to the user's smartphone.

The app also records all parameters of a riding trip that can be accessed at a later point in time. The Rover Bike app also sends alerts and information about ignition on/ off, prolonged idling and overspeeding.

Rover Bike provides the option of setting up a geofence (virtual geographic boundary) which is defined by GPS technology. The geofence enables the software to trigger a response whenever a mobile device enters or leaves a designated area.

The Rover Bike software can remind the user about service intervals and insurance expiry dates either through the app, emails and SMS.

The app also provides a vault section to store soft copies of important documents such as driving license, registration certificate, insurance policy, pollution certificate among others.

MapMyIndia's Rover Bike app further provides turn by turn navigation to the motorcycle, so in case you are locating your bike a parking lot, the app can help with the direction.

The company has launched the Rover Bike tracking device at Rs 3,990 for the device and the SIM card charges. The hardware comes with the manufacturer's warranty of 12-months.

The MapMyIndia GPS tracker for motorcycles can be purchased through their online store and is also available at some of the bike dealerships and accessory shops across the country.

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