Delhi High Court Lawyer Dies On A Rented Harley-Davidson

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High-end motorcycles or big-displacement bikes are easy to rent these days, and without proper knowledge and respect to them, it could turn out to be a dangerous task.

One such incident is the unfortunate case of a Delhi High Court Lawyer named Sunil Seth, who had a fatal accident on a rented Harley-Davidson from Eagle Rider India.

The accident took place on the KMP Expressway on Sunday morning, when Sunil crashed into a barrier while riding with his friend, Neeraj Seth. The incident is an unfortunate event, but has raised several questions among enthusiasts, experts, and experienced riders.

The key area for debate is the licence system in India — anybody can ride a motorcycle, regardless the displacement and power once they have a two-wheeler licence. Experienced riders suggest the licence issuing system needs a change.

Also, experts feel that motorcycle manufacturers need to train and educate customers before they are handed over the keys to a high-displacement motorcycle.

Eagle Rider India, the firm that rented the motorcycle to Sunil say that they follow rental guidelines as per international standards, and also the team takes test rides with customers before handing over the keys, to ensure he or she is not a first time rider.

High-end motorcycles are dangerous without proper training, but in the hands of an experienced rider, it is a pleasure, like the Yamaha R6 pictured in the gallery below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 15:06 [IST]
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