CES 2017: Cosmo Connected Unveils Connected Brake Light For Motorcycle Helmets

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The ongoing CES 2017 is a great place to showcase some of the coolest gadgets, and one of the latest products that could be a definite life saver is the connected brake light for motorcycle helmets.

The brake light, made by a French company called Cosmo Connected is an extra brake light consisting of 12 LEDs, that attaches to the back of a motorcycle helmet.

Once secured firmly, the brake light can be configured to act as an extra brake light, which will illuminate when the in-built accelerometer detects deceleration, or can be programmed to blink through a mobile app.

According to Cosmo Connected, the extra brake light attaches onto a helmet with the help of magnets, and can be connected to any helmet currently sold in the market.

Apart from just warning vehicles behind you, the light also contacts emergency services, along with your location and medical history through the app, when an accident is detected — life saver indeed.

The Cosmo Connected brake light will be available in the market in May 2017, and above is the video.

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