Winglets Present On All 2017 MotoGP Test Bikes At Valencia

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MotoGP paddock stayed back in Valencia for two days of testing with 2017 race machine. All the new riders got to sample MotoGP machinery. Every team and rider also showcased their 2017 MotoGP prototype race machine, which needs to be fine tuned.

There was something interesting at the testing session that has been noticed. Almost every team has been running their 2017 MotoGP race machine with winglets. MotoGP officials earlier had announced that no team is allowed to use external winglets during 2017 season.

Initially, all teams used it to compare timing with and without winglets. Most teams ran the 2016 race machine against the 2017 motorcycle. They eventually strapped on 2017 race machine with winglets to see how much it affects performance and handling.

Several MotoGP riders clearly missed the winglets on their motorcycle. Without winglets, the front tyre does not attain similar grip levels, as achieved with winglets. However, it is unlikely that ban of external aerodynamic winglets will be revoked for 2017 season.

There are rumours that teams could implement new fairings with aerodynamic winglets on the inside. MotoGP paddock is filled with innovative engineers and surely they will find a loophole. Running internal winglets will make the fairing bulky, however, it would provide a vital advantage as well.

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