This Washing Machine For Dirt Bikes Is Something All Bikers Need

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Every rider likes to get some dirt on their Dirt bikes, but cleaning them has always been a pain. Until now.

Tired of cleaning his bike after every motocross session, the rider here has built a unique washing machine, for his dirt bike.

Once we dig deep into to the details about the "washing machine" we realised it's not just some glass box with lawn sprinklers attached to it.

One of the brains behind the build, pro motocrosser Mike Reefman has told the media that the motorcycle washing machine was actually brother-in-law, Paul Adam's idea and it took them nine months and $15,000 (Rs 10 Lakh) to complete the build.

Adams created the washing machine for his family members who are into motocross riding. The machine might not be quite practical for an average biker, but for a person who's got multiple bikes to wash, this could be an absolute lifesaver.

According to the creators, the machine holds about 150 litres of water which gets sprayed through jets. A self-cleaning filter at the tip of the nozzles to make sure the dirt oil doesn't get through the pumps. The machine even comes with a timer to schedule the spraying cycle.

The machine cycles the motorcycle through a mild-detergent and hot-water rinse. After that, the bike is hosed off and air dried using the integrated air compressor on the washing machine.

The machine is fed by a regular garden hose and the dirty water is dumped through a valve on the other side of the ramp.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2016, 18:02 [IST]
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