Maverick Vinales Podium At Australian GP Was Ecstar Suzuki's Loss

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Maverick Vinales secured a podium finish at the 2016 Australian GP. Unfortunately, Vinales podium spells Ecstar Suzuki's loss. The Spanish rider has been extremely successful for Suzuki during 2016 MotoGP Championship.

MotoGP had provided new teams with concessions and advantages. Nine engine changes were permitted with unlimited testing by race riders. The manufacturers also benefited as there was no development freeze on their MotoGP project.

Concessions could only be availed until a manufacturer was unsuccessful. Once a team achieves six concession points, advantages would be taken away. 1st place means three points, while 2nd and 3rd place are awarded two and one concession points respectively.

So far, Maverick Vinales has secured a third place finish thrice in Le Mans, Motegi, and Phillip Island. The Suzuki rider has provided the team with a race win at Silverstone. In total, Suzuki and Vinales have secured six concession points and lose their benefits.

Now, Ecstar Suzuki will be on par with Yamaha Honda, and Ducati Factory teams. Limited testing time will be provided and engine development will also be restricted. Aprilia and KTM are the only two teams that will have concessions during MotoGP 2017 season.

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