Here #WeGo Exploring A Lit Up Pune During The Festival Of Lights

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After an uplifting #WegoKolkata experience during the Durga Puja festivities, we bid farewell to the City of Joy and set our sights on the next fascinating city. Read about our #WegoKolkata experience here.

Next on our list of Indian festivals was Diwali at the Cultural Capital Of Maharashtra, Pune. So, Here #WegoPune.

As a child, Diwali signified long holidays, noisy firecrackers, and far too many sweets. A flashback from the 90s, shows my father riding his scooter, a Bajaj Chetak, loaded with boxes of sparklers and sweets, and me and my friends, running around lighting up the streets and distributing sweets to the neighbourhood.

Underneath all the fun, sweets and bright lights, Diwali has and will always remain a festival of togetherness and family, a festival that brings people together. What are your early childhood Diwali memories? We'd love to hear them — comment below!

So, what has changed? How is Diwali any different now? Here #WeGo exploring a lit up Pune during the festival of lights.

One returning thought that occurred at every turn presented an interesting question — How have the iconic scooters evolved since the days of our fathers and grandfathers? We wonder what they would have thought about the TVS Wego?

Would they love the telescopic front suspension, under seat storage, a bright headlamp, tubeless tyres, and the parking brake to assist on slopes — no more ballet dancing — our poor dad's always did that while taking on slopes, didn't' they? On behalf of the fathers of Team DriveSpark, we echo a big 'Yes'!

It's easy to forget how pampered we are these days. All the new age features of the scooters of today only goes to prove how companies like TVS has made 'convenience riding' a gold standard.

So... Why Pune? And Why Diwali?

Pune was our top choice, as this sprawling city is replete with rich history and is one of India's oldest established cities.

It is believed, the oldest Peth (locality) was established in 5th century. The city derives its name from Sanskrit Punya Nagari meaning "City of Virtue."

How did the Wego do on the Diwali streets of the City of Virtue? Read on to find out.

Pune's cool climate is reminiscent of Bangalore. Safe to say, we were rejoicing in unison. As we set out into the city, we were greeted with Goddess Lakshmi idols at every nook and corner as Pune readied herself to welcome the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Diwali's lighting of the lamps commemorates the return of Lord Rama and his wife Sita from the forest of Ayodhya. It is believed that more than 800 million people celebrate this festival in various ways across the globe.

Mornings with the TVS Wego never looked better. We kicked off our Pune expedition by paying our respects to the presiding deity of the city, the Kasba Ganpati, before making to way to explore the rest of the city. The temple is located in the oldest peth in the city — Kasba Peth — which is often called the heart of Pune.

After paying our respects at Kasba Ganapati, we started our exploration of Pune by visiting the popular shopping districts. We believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little retail therapy. So, Here #Wego.

With Diwali looming, the first place on our list was Laxmi Road and Tulsi Baug. Much like we expected, the marketplace brimmed with excited families shopping for their Laxmi Puja necessities on this special occasion.

Pune is a rather young city at heart. And with the youth-focused Wego in tow, the city set a perfect background for us wego-ers. Mounted on our vibrant Wegos, we set our sights on one of the most trendy places that Pune's young crowd can be found — Hong Kong lane.

Yes! "Hong Kong" lane. This lane is known for its foreign goods and import products, much like the "National market" of Bangalore.

After experiencing our fair share of the shopping frenzy, we set out into the city again and were quickly drawn in by the aroma of freshly baked Shrewsbury biscuits at the famous Kayani Bakery. The city love for this 1950s quaint bake shop was quite apparent, judging by the crowd lined up outside.

Thankfully, the sleek and nimble #Wego weaved through the crowd outside. It was time to sample the famous biscuits ourselves. The love for these delicious goodies is all true and very well deserved! With our bellies full, and thirst sated (thanks to some piping hot Pune tea), we zipped away on our Wegos to explore all the secrets hidden on the streets of Pune in the hills around us.

With the sun now setting, Pune looked beautifully lit up like a beacon. We headed for Parvati Hill Temple. Riding on crowded hilly areas can be tricky business and the Wego did well. The temple, we were told, is where the City of Virtue could be captured in all her glory. They were right. How she glowed at night.

On the night of Dhanteras, as we found ourselves at Parvati Hill looking down at a gloriously lit up Pune. What else did Pune have under her sleeve? The answer — historical monuments, diwali splendour, and so much more...

We thought we had seen it all. Diwali. Pune during Diwali. We were on our way to experience the real Diwali, we just didn't know it yet — to be contd.

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