Here #Wego: Feliz Navidad In Cochin - Part 1

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With the festivities of Pune's Diwali still lingering, this Christmas, the journey continues on the TVS Wego. The Christmas bells reminding us of no better place to be than God's Own Country — Kerala.

The world over, Christmas is celebrated as the season of giving and the time of family gatherings. Gearing up for a little festive joy, Drivespark's own Santa and accompanying reindeer decided to hop on the now well-travelled Wego. On that note, here #WegoCochin.

Owing to the strong Portuguese influence, Fort Kochi (Cochin) was the Wego's prefered destination during this time of the year. Away from the bustling traffic and the modern day fast-paced city life, some of the streets make you wonder if time has stopped moving. Case and point, the Old Harbour Hotel (pictured above).

Known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea', the coastal city of Kochi was once an important spice trading centre occupied and made a main seat by the Portuguese in 1503, until it was replaced by Goa in 1530.

Many of the churches in Kochi too, have retained the strong Portuguese connection. It is in these very churches where people gather in large numbers to attend the popular midnight mass, that we headed to on the Wego to participate in the celebrations.

Decorated homes, streets filled with stars to mark the day of Christmas, and good-old family gatherings remind us of how simplicity is really what counts. Quite similar to what the TVS Wego has to offer — good design, fuel efficient engine, and all the essentials needed to satisfy any commuter's needs.

Additional benefits come in the form of telescopic front forks that make the Wego a great handler, and the great under-seat storage, which is perfect for storing the gifts that will go under the Christmas tree. For those in a hurry, the charging port also makes it a great way to celebrate Christmas on-the-go.

Kochi is also referred to as the ‘commercial capital of Kerala' with tourism holding an important place in the economy. Cruise ships and the other massive vessels can be seen sailing along the waterways.

Watching the massive behemoths cruise over the waters reminds us of the smoothness of the TVS Wego, which allows for easy riding over the city's sometimes rough roads.

The transition to the city feels like a quick change, but the TVS Wego feels perfectly at home over here as well.

Marine Drive is a popular location that was built facing the backwaters. It hosts several shopping malls and eateries, making it a major attraction for shopaholics and foodies alike.

Being the multitaskers that we are, we sampled some street food while hunting down presents to load into the Wego's generous storage compartment.

Fishing has long-been important for the economy in Kochi, much like any other coastal region. Here ‘chinese fishing nets' attract a large number of tourists, including auto enthusiastic city dwellers like us.

Gaping at this sight, the nets remind us of just how nice a catch the Wego is for scooter riders in India. Much like the colourful variety of fish being scooped out of the water, with its eye-catching colours and design, the wego is a welcome change to the rest of the rather boring grey crowd.

Sitting by the beach, we look on as the sun sets behind the TVS Wego. The day was well-spent riding the Wego around a town that is a blast from the past that seamlessly melts into a familiar modernity.

But hey, it's Christmas Eve. Churches, the famous Cochin Carnival, and the most important of all, the jolly old man bearing gifts are all yet to be explored. Stay tuned to find out what ‘God's Own Country' had to offer.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 27, 2016, 18:52 [IST]
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