Steelbird Launches “Free Live” Air Ventilated Helmets

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Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird has recently launched a new helmet under its Air Series in India. The new ventilated helmet is named SBA 1 Free Live. Steelbird claims the new helmet comes from world's first patented air ventilation technology helmet in India.

The new technology with the helmet was developed by the Steelbird's R&D unit in Italy. The design was developed keeping in mind the Indian weather conditions and was found that the new helmet was four to five degrees cooler inside compared to the outside temperature.

The helmet is known under the Air Series and it comes in fourteen different designs in various colours and attractive designs. One of the unique features is the ventilation system on the Steelbird Free Live helmet.

Air goes through three ducts and the EPS rigs makesure the air does not stay there but circulate cooling the head of the rider with an exhaust duct which lets out hot air.

The Steelbird Free Live air ventilated helmet is being sold through online and retail channels across the country at acost-effective price of Rs 1,799.

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