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Self-Driving Technology To Transform Motorcycle Sales

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The self-driving technology is taking the automobile industry by storm. As its is the future of transport, it may also change the motorcycle business in a different way.

According to BMW Motorrad Head of Development, Karl Viktor, it will all come down to safety. When the robots are behind the wheel of a car fewer riders will die on the road.

Those customers who wanted to own a motorcycle but scared by the road accidents involving cars, with autonomous cars this trend will change in the future.

The logic is straightforward, for example, a left turn in American road. The vehicle turning opposite to oncoming traffic causes most of the motorcycle accidents.

A report from US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that one out of every five motorcycle accidents happen in this fashion.

Cars making the left turn either fails to see the oncoming motorcycle or misjudges the speed of the motorcycle. By self-driving cars, this risk will be eliminated.

The radars and sensors fitted on the autonomous car will alert the driver about the oncoming traffic thus preventing from cutting the motorcycle.

One the motorcycle riders realise that the drivers on the road are no longer a threat, the sales of the motorcycles will reach new heights in some parts of the world.

But this development will have a negative effect in places such as Europe. The self-driving will yield in fewer accidents, no traffic jams. Thus jumping on a motorcycle to escape traffic will be out of the question.

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