Royal Enfield Electra Taken Off Production — End Of A Legacy

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Royal Enfield has discontinued one of its least expensive model Electra, its website does not list the Electra model part of its portfolio. Now, the iconic motorcycle maker is offering the Classic range of bikes, Continental GT, the new Himalayan, Thunderbird and its Bullet range of motorcycles.

There is no official confirmation from Royal Enfield on the Electra being unlisted from its website, the reason could be its profitability. The Bullet Electra was one of the models to be priced the least and the profit margin might have been lower, this could be one of the reasons for it to be discontinued.

The Royal Enfield Electra was one of the first models to be launched under the newly appointed CEO Mr. Siddhartha Lal back in 1995-97. The Bullet Electra was the first to be featured with the electrical coil system rather than the points system which depended wholly on the battery to start the bike.

The Bullet Electra was first launched with the iron cast engine which is seen in the Royal Enfield Standard models, except that it came with the electrical coil system and had the traditional left side brake pedal of the motorcycle. Later, the Electra was equipped with the Twinspark five-speed UCE engine and the brake pedal was moved to the right side of the motorcycle.

There is a possibility the company will be clearing the stocks of the Bullet Electra and you might have an opportunity to own one of these classics from Royal Enfield. Check with your nearest dealer if they might be able to procure one to be sold. The Bullet range is another option if you are looking to buy a similar model.

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