This New Helmet By Nolan And Sony Is The Future Of Biking

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Nolan group stole the limelight during Eicma 2016 by presenting the N-Com ARX project. Nolan developed the N-Com ARX in collaboration with Sony Corporation.

During Eicma 2016, visitors were allowed try the extraordinary experience of augmented reality, by wearing the prototype helmet and climbing on a motorcycle.

The N-Com ARX is an innovative project developed by Nolan group in collaboration with Sony, to enable the motorcyclists to experience an immersive travel experience.

The prototype fitted with N-Com ARX houses Sony's unique holographic WAVEGUIDE technology on an optical module, which projects a virtual image to the eyes of the wearer.

The communication between the N-Com and a Smartphone App projects the supplying support information for safety and riding comfort on a heads-up display. Thus, the field of view is not disturbed while receiving essential information and audio indications.

The prototype helmet created by joining hands with Sony is just a small part of a development project for the upcoming N-Com brand.

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