What Happens When Gun Makers Make Motorcycles? Meet Ronin 1125R

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The automobile industry is a competitive world. One would agree to this fact when gun makers try the art of building motorcycles. One example is Royal Enfield, who used to manufacture arms and ammunition, and slowly entered the motorcycle world. Royal Enfield also happens to be the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world who is still functional.

In the modern world, another gun maker, Magpul, based out of Austin, Texas has forayed into the art of building motorcycles. Magpul's creation is called the Ronin 1125R, based on the Buell 1125R. So what is special? Is it a Buell with a fancy body kit? Let's find out more.

As mentioned earlier, the Ronin 1125R is based on a Buell 1125R. When Buell went out of production in 2009, Buell dealers offered a selection of motorcycles for sale and Magpul grabbed a few motorcycles with a plan in mind.

Magpul basically stripped the Buell motorcycle, keeping the frame, engine, tyres, and brakes. The company then tuned the motor for more horsepower and fitted the Ronin 1125R with a custom exhaust.

The motorcycle is named after the legendary master-less Japanese warriors. That is quite justified by the way the motorcycle looks.

One look at the motorcycle and one would immediately understand that the beauty is in the detail. The first detail one would notice is the custom front fork assembly and carbon fiber fenders.

Another very interesting feature is the headlight, and the radiator, that is cleverly integrated into the forks of the Ronin 1125R.

The entire transformation, from being a regular Buell to becoming the Ronin 1125R took place in a small shop in Denver, Colorado.

Each Ronin is 54 pounds lighter than the original Buell motorcycle, and credit goes to shedding a lot of body work. Even the new suspension setup has not hurt the weight of the motorcycle, and the Ronin gets new wiring as swell.

The Ronin 1125R features fully adjustable brake and clutch levers, and bar end mirrors, that make the overall design of the motorcycle look mean and sleek.

Only 47 models were ever built, and at present, only 17 examples of the motorcycle are left. Each motorcycle retails for around USD 38,000! That is quite expensive keeping in mind it is a motorcycle.

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