Kawasaki's Artificial Intelligence Is Arriving Sooner Than You Think

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Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Kawasaki is developing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) controlled system for its next generation motorcycles.

The new system is expected to ensure safer commute along with establishing an emotional connection with the rider.

The new motorcycles will be equipped with the "Emotion Generation Engine and Natural Language Dialogue System", developed by Cocoro SB Corp.

The new system will enable the rider to talk to the bike and pick cues from the riders emotional state and intents. Kawasaki's press release said that the new tech "will open the doors to a new world of riding experiences."

The AI is developed in such a way that the system will develop a personality of its own through repeated use and communication with the bike.

At an event of high-stress or imminent danger, Kawasaki expects this type of relationship with the vehicle to improve safety by reassuring the rider.

Watch Kawasaki's teaser on how the Rideolology can be your personal JARVIS.

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