2016 Intermot Motorcycle Show: Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon Revealed

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Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki has unveiled the 2017 H2 and H2R at the 2016 Intermot Motorcycle Show in Cologne, Germany. Kawasaki also introduced a limited run H2 Carbon at the show.

The H2 Carbon is the newest addition to the H2 lineup and and only 120 examples of the superbike will ever be built.

The H2 Carbon features a carbon-fibre reinforced polymer upper fairing cowl and is available in the same paint scheme as the H2R. However, the paintjob has a matte finish instead of the glossy one found on the H2R.

Kawasaki also introduced the 2017 H2 lineup on the show floor at Cologne.

The new superbikes (H2, H2 Carbon, and H2R) feature a new Ohlins TTX rear shock absorber which gives 22 clicks of rebound and compression.

The new shock absorber combines with a redesigned shock linkage to help the H2 perform better on the track.

Also new is the six-axis Bosch inertial measurement unit (IMU) which gifts the new bikes with cornering ABS.

The instrument cluster of the new H2 series of superbikes also features a new ‘bank-angle' display which shows off the real-time lean angle of the bike and records the maximum ‘angle of dangle' for the ride.

The engine on the new bikes remain the same. In the H2, the supercharged 998cc DOHC inline-four engine produces 199.8bhp and 133.5Nm of torque.

On the H2R, the same engine kicks out 308.4bhp and 156Nm of torque.

New to 2017 lineup of H2s is a quick down-shifter for the 6-speed gearbox.

The new H2 machines comply with Euro 4 emission norms thanks to revised silencers and larger catalytic converters that have more platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Here's a video detailing all the new bits that make the limited run H2 Carbon so crazy.

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