Do We Have A Dominant Force With The Honda Activa?

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When there is a combination of an automatic gearbox, frugal engine, suitable for any gender or age, ease of firing up the engine with a self-start, the result is a winning combination. Honda did just that with the Activa. Riding high on the sentiments of the Indian customers, the Activa replaced the geared scooter that customers used to swear by it.

Honda launched the Activa in India back in the year 2000, now sixteen years old in the country, it is turning out to be a dominant force among commuters. Honda has evolved the Activa over the years keeping pace the technology and yet not compromising what the customers needed.

Honda listened to the feedbacks from its customers earnestly and brought the necessary changes if there were any. One being the Combi-Brake system, which is a result of listening to the feedback from customers. The Combi-Brake system helped not just any particular segment of customers, but it helped the overall safety and riding aspect of the Activa.

The Japanese company brought the Activa i in 2013 to keep pace with trendier option with this model and was lighter in weight giving it a good combination of style with ease to ride. Recently, in 2014 Honda launched a powerful variant of the Activa with a125cc engine to cater to commuters who required a little more thrust while riding.

Honda has sold 280,790 units in August 2016 and stands tall with the No. 1 position of the best-selling two-wheeler in India. A clear 29 percent increase in sales compared to August 2015 sales. With sales favouring the Activa, it is unclear if there will be any challenges from rivals in the recent future for the humble Activa.

The Honda Activa is powered with 109cc petrol unit paired to a CVT automatic gearbox and churns a humble 8bhp of power. The 125cc Activa churns out an impressive 8.6bhp mated to the CVT gearbox. The Activa i comes powered by the same engine as the Activa 3G as its known in the industry.

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