2016 Oilibya Rally Morocco Day 2 — Hero MotoSports Team And CS Santosh Move Up The Ladder

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The Oilibya Rally Morocco, the testing grounds for the 2017 Dakar Rally is going well for the Hero MotoSports Rally Team.

The second day began with a very long liason section across the Atlas Mountains. When the racing began riders had to contend with the heat of the desert.

The second day's stage was called as From Ocean to Dunes. The stage lived up to the name with huge sand dunes welcoming the competitors.

The field of motorcycles and cars has moved deeper into the Moroccan desert and the challenges have doubled.

The stage had pretty much everything from stones, sands and a maze of navigation. This stage showed why the rally is the toughest races to compete.

The Hero MotoSports Team Rally Riders Joaquim Rodrigues and CS Santosh made good progress on their individual positions after a good run through the dunes.

After the end of Leg two Portuguese rider was in 14th overall and Santosh finished 24th. After the stage Santosh said, "Overall it was very tough, It was hot and I once got lost coming out of the dunes. Looks like I missed one waypoint. That was pretty much a typical Dakar stage with plenty of challenges."

Team principal Wolfgang Fischer said, "Joaquim and CS have completed a hard day´s work. It was a tough test for both the athletes and our machines. We are satisfied with the outcome."

He added,"´J-Rod´ has placed himself once again in the Top 15 and keeps making good progress as a rally rookie. CS Santosh gains experience by the hour. Both have moved up in the overall ranks."

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