World's fastest Riderless Motorcycle — Here's All You Need To Know

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Danish company, Nerve is one of the world's leading innovative technology companies and it is showcasing the world's fastest riderless motorcycle at Gulf Traffic 2016. The Autonomous Street Racer motorcycle holds a world record of being the first to reach the 300 km/h mark in its class and it can sprint from 0-100 km/h in under 1.5 seconds.

The Danish company are currently touring in the Middle East for gaining more attention and to establish relationships with the public and private sector. They are doing it to implement this technology locally.

Currently, the Autonomous Speed Racer is showcased at the 2nd International Conference on Future Mobility. The conference is held from 14-15 November 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Dubai.

During the conference, Soeren Ekelund, Nerve Founder and chief technology officer, delivered a speech focusing on the future of transportation technology. He also added that how this technology can be used to drive Dubai's Smart City ambitions.

Ekelund said, "These are really exciting times in the world of transport and mobility. Sustainable development is forcing everyone to rethink the concept of public and private transportation. The vehicles of the future have to be more flexible, stronger, faster, smarter and greener."

"It's no longer sufficient to think about how a vehicle meets the needs of an individual - how it gets him or her from A to B - rather, we need to consider the requirements of society as a whole."

"It's a privilege to be part of this automotive revolution, and we're looking to Dubai very closely as a fertile breeding ground for the smart technologies of tomorrow," he added.

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