Motogp: Ducati GP16 With Prototype Wheel

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Ducati added a new rear wheel to its GP16 in the last race weekend at San Marino GP. The wheel was tested during Saturday morning's free practice session. Michele Pirro, Ducati's test rider and replacement for Iannone tested this wheel.

It looks like some sort of disc wheel used in cycling. Ducati commented that they were ‘studying aerodynamics effect'. But rumours arose within the paddock from exclusive sources and they said the unusual covers are not for an aerodynamic advantage. The wheel was so covered that no one could see what Ducati was hiding underneath.

It's unlikely Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that Ducati has tested within the modified rear wheel. KERSs are mechanical systems that allow vehicles to capture energy wasted, for example breaking and convert it to a quick charge which will give extra engine power for sudden acceleration for a short period of time. This system is used in Formula 1.

Ducati has experimented with an electrical system instead of choosing a mechanical one. If FIM allows this type of system, it will be a great advantage for Ducati GP machines as it is already producing immense horsepower to outrun other factory bikes.

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