2016 Intermot Motorcycle Show: BMW S1000R Unveiled

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The new version S1000R, debuts at the Intermot Show in Cologne in 2016. The current naked model gets new updated chassis and engine upgrades. The engine has been re-tuned to meet Euro-4 compliance.

The engine, which is reinvigorated with a small but significant injection of horses. The new S1000R produces 165bhp at 11,000 rpm and it is 2kg lighter than the outgoing model. Also new is the exhaust sound which is mesmerising, thanks to the adoption of the titanium implant.

The electronic management system is also upgraded. Unlike the version of the S1000RR Superbike, the naked model continues to have only traction and stability control ASC. It also adopts the Sports package. Add to that, there are Road and Rain modes.

The tech package also includes cornering ABS (BMW call it ABS Pro), up/down shifters as options. The instrument panel is also revised to give better readability and will now give ambient temperature information.

The company claims that the new frame will offer improvements in rigidity, flex and mechanical grip. The air intakes have also been redesigned to provide more air flow and more air intake noise. The motorcycle also gets a vibration free handle bar.

There is an option of semi-active suspension DDC, including the Dynamic package together with heated grips, with LED turn indicators and the engine spoiler in body color.

The aesthetics are also slightly changedbut a strong continuity with the characterization of the previous model - with more taut lines and a slightly sharper fairing. The colors available are now racing red pastel / Blackstorm metallic, pastel and catalano grau BMW Motorsport (light white pastel / lupin blue metallic / racing red pastel).

Again the long list of options, drawing on the HP Parts catalog. Availability and prices are being finalized.

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