Best Scooters In India — Time To Go Gearless

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Rewinding back to 1948 when the first of scooters were introduced in India. Bajaj in collaboration with Vespa Scooters imported scooters in the early 50s in the country. Over the years the scooters have evolved and the ease of riding approach was at the forefront of two-wheeler manufacturers.

Kinetic broke the mould of gear scooters with a gearless scooter in association with Hondawhen it started to threaten the motorcycle segment in India. Cut to the present scenario, gearless scooters are the top of the best-selling two-wheelers in the country.

Here are the best scooters in India based on sales and popularity among customers:

Honda Activa

Honda's Activa was launched in India in 2000 and there has been no turning back for this humble scooter. It is the best scooter in India available currently.

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Over the years, the Activa has gone through generations and it serves every requirement in the Indian family. Currently, Honda offers the Activa range in various avatar - Activa 3G, Activa i, and the Activa 125 - catering to different requirements.

While the Activa 3G and thei trims are powered by the 109.2cc engine churning out 8bhp and 8.83Nm of torque, the Activa 125 is powered 124.9cc engine producing 8.60bhp and 10.12Nm of torque. Both the versions are mated to the CVT automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 60km/l (Honda has not confirmed)
Price -Rs 46,596 to Rs 60,489 ex-showroom (Delhi)

TVS Jupiter

With the Honda Activa ruling the roost in the segment, there was bound to be competition. TVS Motor Company wanted to enter the segment with a different approach.

TVS Jupiter was launched in 2013 and was featured with new exciting colours, telescopic front suspension and priced competitively. With the backing of the robust sales and service network of TVS Motor Company, the TVS Jupiter is one among the best selling scooters in India.

TVS Motor has one variant of the Jupiter which is powered by 109.7cc engine developing 7.88bhp and 8Nm of torque. The engine is paired with the CVT automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 62km/l
Price - Rs 48,809 to Rs 50,832 ex-showroom (Delhi)

Hero Maestro

Hero first launched the Pleasure from their portfolio of scooters then the Maestro was launched in 2012. The Maestro is the best-selling scooter from their range.

Hero MotoCorp has two variants from the Maestro range - Maestro and Maestro Edge. While the Maestro is inclined towards mass market scooter, the Maestro Edge has an youthful approach. The Maestro Edge boasts of features such as telescopic front suspension, mobile charging port and alloy wheels.

The Hero Maestro is powered by 109cc engine churning out 8.05bhp and 9.10Nm of torque. As for the Maestro Edge, this is powered by 110.9cc engine producing 8.31bhp and 8.30Nm of torque. Both the engines are mated to Variomatic automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 60 to 63km/l (Official numbers not revealed)
Price - Rs 48,050 to Rs 51,150 ex-showroom (Delhi)

Honda Dio

Post launching the Activa, Honda wanted to cater to the younger buyers. The Honda Dio was launched in 2012 and has captured the youth of the country.

With its moto-scooter design and high floorboard, the Honda Dio went on to impress many looking for a sporty scooter. The moto-scooter is featured with dual colour combination and ample leg space.

The Honda Dio is powered by the same engine as the Activa 3G and i trims, which is the 109.2cc churning out 8bhp and 8.83Nm of torque and mated to the CVT automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 60km/l (No official numbers)
Price - Rs 48,580 ex-showroom (Delhi)

Suzuki Access

Suzuki launched the Access in 2007 in India and was the only scooter with retro or classic design language. Unlike the sharp and current generation designed scooters, the Suzuki Access had elements of the golden era.

Suzuki sells the Access moniker in special edition and the Swish 125, while the special edition has chrome embellishment to give it the classic look, the Swish 125 is stylish with graphics and is more modern in design.

Suzuki has powered the Access range of scooters with the124cc engine which produces 8.58bhp and 10.2Nm of torque and comes paired with the CVT automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 64km/l (Official)
Price - Rs 59,222 to Rs 64,606 ex-showroom (Delhi)

Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha known for its motorcycles than scooters in India launched the Fascino in 2015. The scooter is a retro and classic looking scooters and has taken many takers in the recent months.

The Yamaha Fascino boasts of ample legroom, bottle storage at the front, telescopic suspension, easy leg reach and most of all the flowing design with chrome accents to give it a classic approach.

Yamaha has powered the Fascino with 113cc engine churning out 7bhp and 8.1Nm of torque and comes mated to the V-belt automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 66km/l (Official)
Price - Rs 53,300 ex-showroom (Delhi)

TVS Scooty Zest

The TVS Scooty Zest is the first scooter in India to reach the Kardung La pass, the highest motorable road in the world. The Scooty brand was launched back in 1994 and then went through ametamorphosis to adapt to the current technology and features.

Initially launched to cater to both men and women, the Scooty went on to impress the women category. The current Scooty Zest 110 features telescopic front suspension, black steel wheels, various exciting colours, mobile charging port and ample storage space.

TVS has powered the Scooty Zest 110 with the 109.7cc engine producing 7.91bhp and 8.7Nm of torque and is paired with the CVT automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 62km/l (Official)
Price - Rs 45,738 to Rs 46,338 ex-showroom (Delhi)

Yamaha Ray

The only other moto-scooter in the segment is the Yamaha Ray apart from the Honda Dio. Though the Yamaha Ray has the pure moto-scooter design language with aprominent design of a motorcycle in the Ray scooter.

Yamaha sells the Ray in two variants - Z and ZR. Both the variants are targeted at the younger generation who are looking for a sporty scooter. While both come with the telescopic front suspension and blacked out designs, the Ray ZR boasts of disc brakes and multiple storage space.

Yamaha Ray is powered by the 113cc engine which produces 7.1bhp and 8.1Nm of torque and comes mated to the CVT automatic gearbox.

Mileage - 66km/l (Official)
Price - Rs 49,336 to Rs 54,500 ex-showroom (Delhi)

There are many other brands which have entered India in the recent past including the Vespa range of scooters and the recently launched Aprilia SR150. Both these scooters are premium in nature while the Aprilia SR150 falls under the sport and powerful range of scooters.

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