Royal Enfield Despatch Edition: 10 Features That Make It Stand Out

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Nowadays more and more motorcycle owners are trying to acquire a vintage motorcycle. There are, however, several difficulties in doing so. First is finding a motorcycle and after that is the task to find a mechanic who can maintain and perform operations over it.

Now Royal Enfield motorcycles are currently maintaining its retro/vintage persona. The Indian manufacturer has taken it a step further and launched their Despatch edition in two avatars.

Along with the launch of both models is a host of accessories that come along to complete the look. Royal Enfield has named their models the Squadron Blue Despatch and Desert Storm Despatch.

Both motorcycles derive their design from the World War era where riders used motorcycles to send across messages, which could mean a win or defeat for either side. These riders who used Royal Enfield motorcycles were known as Despatch riders and thus this motorcycle gets the name.

Here is a look at Royal Enfield's Despatch Edition models. There will be two on offer ‘Squadron Blue Despatch' and ‘Desert Storm Despatch'. Only two hundred units of each colour options will be made for Indian market. It is priced at INR 2,24,752 on-road Mumbai.

Both models will bear an unique embossed hallmark detailing particulars of its manufacture. It is placed where the battery box case used to be and replaces it. It adds a more personal touch to the motorcycle.

The seat also gets special treatment and is made of genuine Italian leather. Royal Enfield has made use of thicker hide, which has been tested against extreme wear and tear.

On the other side where the air filter box is situated, designers have blacked out this part and secured it with a leather strap. This once again adds a dimension of personality to the Despatch Edition.

The exhaust pipe and muffler has been painted flat black to provide a stealth persona. The idea is to provide a non reflective surface that will not attract others to the motorcycle.

Unlike regular Royal Enfield 500 models there is very little use of chrome used around the Despatch Edition. Even the engine head and casing gets flat black treatment for a non reflective surface.

The Despatch Edition maintains retro styling even at the instrument gauges. There is a sense of simplicity and only basics have been provided to this limited edition model. A clear speedometer is present in the centre with Royal Enfield displayed in red.

A definite improvement over the original Despatch Edition is the comfort level. Royal Enfield will be offering gas shocks on their model and will surely soak up bumps with relative ease.

In terms of design, the Despatch Edition maintains it look from Royal Enfield's Classic range. They have, however, provided a hydrographic print transfer which is done by hand. This provided the Despatch Edition with a unique paint job to every model.

Both motorcycles can be purchased online through ROYALENFIELD.COM/DESPATCH store. They will also be selling their exclusive Despatch jackets, shirts, shoes, helmets and much more.

Both models will be available for booking from 15th of July, 2015 through their online store. Only 200 models will be up for grabs in each ‘Squadron Blue Despatch' and ‘Desert Storm Despatch' colours. It is a limited edition worth having in your garage and is priced reasonably at INR 2,24,752 on-road Mumbai.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 8, 2015, 16:55 [IST]
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