Mumbai RTO Makes Sure Every Biker Signs Bond Of Wearing Helmets

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Mumbai RTO is taking road safety seriously, which is a good motion. They have come up with a smart way of making two-wheeler's a bit more safer for rider and pillion.

Individuals that plan to buy a new motorcycle will first have to sign a bond that they would always wear a helmet. Those who do not wish to sign this oath will face a huge problem as their bikes would not be registered.

Both buyer and seller of a motorcycle will have to provide an affidavit. This affidavit will have to declare that the seller has provided a helmet, while the buyer of the two-wheeler promises to make use of a helmet.

Failure to produce an affidavit will result in non registration of a two-wheeler. This is a good move and currently there is no notice of what the punishment would be for failing to use a helmet.

In our opinion a helmet need not be forced and riders should themselves opt for them as it is one of the few safety equipment that can be used by a motorcyclist. There are so many stylish and good looking helmets available today that provide protection and add value to the rider.

RTO officials have suggested that manufacturers should provide two-wheelers with helmets as a bundle. They should also take efforts of promoting safe riding and the importance of helmets.

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