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India Bike Week 2015 was a massive event! There were loads of bikes, people, food, beer, and still more bikes. The undertaking this year was much bigger than the 2014 edition and had a huge crowd of 12,000-plus, and over 2,000 Harley bikers riding from every part of India were also a part of this event.

The event was held on the 20th and 21st of this month in Goa. A place where parties can carry on for days, or sometimes never end. Let's take a look at some of the big moments you missed from this year's edition of the extremely popular event..

We head out for India Bike Week 2015 in Vagator, Goa, a day prior to the event and trust us, with all the action at the festival, some rest is much needed. Make sure you have company as the more people on board will result in a better time.

The third edition of India Bike Week commences and it has gotten bigger and better. More bikes, more stalls, more food, more beer... Everything was over the top and this is how every biker loves to party.

Harley-Davidson has been the main partner of India Bike Week from the inaugural year. The H.O.G gets priority over others and they enter the arena with their loud and rumbling motorcycles. It is a ceremony that will continue for years to come and proves the pure passion motorcyclists share.

There were Italian sculpted motorcycles, in the form of DSK-Benelli. And often, where there are awesome bikes, there are beautiful babes. India Bike Week did not face any shortage of beautiful women or pulse racing motorcycles.

A few celebrities graced the festival with their presence, however, it was evident most individuals cared more about the motorcycles. It was only when Dino Morea, Ian King, Martin Da Costa and others threw their leg across a motorcycle that they were noticed. They took part in GQ Gentleman's Ride for the Magic Bus charity.

For the petrolhead in you, India Bike Week this year organised the Howling Dog drag race event. Two-strokers, four-strokers and everything in between took to the strip and pushed their engines and luck to the limit.

For those who think going crazily fast is pointless, they could try their luck at stunting. This year Vespa and TVS had organised a stunt show for everyone. If you had the guts and skill to perform, organisers would not hesitate to give you a shot so you could either make a name or look like a fool.

The stunters had something to rejoice as the best of them won prize money worth INR 50,000. The 2015 title of the National Stunt Championship was awarded to the Throttlers from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, and you just had to be present to witness all the stunts and madness that took place.

For every biker the journey is more important, everything else is secondary. Most of us were on tight budgets with cash getting quickly exhausted on fuel, food and drink bills. India Bike Week organisers realised this and had set up tents at a camping site close to the venue. So you could party hard and always ensure that you were never too far away from the next celebration.

It was a hard day out in the sun with the only comfort received from a cool beer. You can see the hard working Jobo Kuruvilla (Chief Editor, DriveSpark) and Ajinkya Paralikar (Sub Editor, Drivespark) trying to stand still for a picture with Mr. India Bike Week himself Martin Da Costa ( CEO 70 EMG).

Just as we thought we were the hard working dudes on the scene, Hubert enters to burst our little bubble. This guy has done it all with his motorcycle and sidecar, he has travelled through practically every nook and corner around the globe. The cool beer and roaring motorcycles could not keep Hubert away and he made a trip to India Bike Week. Amazingly, Hubert has been on the road for a over a decade! To follow Hubert's timeless journey, Click Here.

The babes at India Bike Week did not shy away from our photo journalist Rajkamal. Here at the Triumph stall was a Rajputana Customs Bonneville, which the beautiful lady did not let out of sight.

Dancing in front of Red Bull tour bus and catching the sunset was the perfect way to prepare yourself for the evening celebrations, which were nothing short of spectacular, as always.

Luckily there were no mishaps at the festival and nobody missed a real ambulance. The organisers had filled out their Ambulance with beers, which was dubbed as the ‘Beerbulance'. It is the remedy for everyone to refocus and enjoy the good times in Goa.

Indian Motorcycles put out their Scout on display and the women could not keep their hands off this machine. All the gorgeous dames wanted a picture with this ravishing black beauty of a cruiser.

Babyhead took to the stage and it was time to groove to the funky music. This was a unique band as they mixed dub step with rap, blue, reggae and even a bit of psychedelic music. This was the last event, and everyone called it a day and headed out for their after-party rituals.

Isn't she a beauty? Wait, don't get ahead of yourself, are we talking about the Indian Chief Vintage here? But hell yes, we are also referring about the gorgeous lady sitting on the cruiser. What an excellent way to begin one's day! Guess this is the reason people envy our job.

Did you wonder if India Bike Week would organise another Bikini Bike Wash? Well, you were in for a treat, because yes, they did, and these images do not do justice to this cleaning service. We suggest you bring your bike to the next edition and witness how clean your bike can get with a couple of ladies working away at it.

For all those who made excuses to ride down to India Bike Week this year, take inspiration from Deepa Malik, who is an Indian paraplegic athlete. Most of you may know her from Roadies, where she featured in a few episodes to boost and motivate participants. Her disability has not kept her away from her passion of riding-she rides a modified bike and proves everything is possible if you put your heart into it.

As soon as we decided to head out to complete some work, we witnessed a few head turners. The first is our very own alien with a special helmet in fluorescent yellow paint and a dreadlocks hairstyle.

We wonder where to find a helmet like this? Don't know how safe it is, but if you have any idea of where to get a similar piece, do let us know in the comments section.

Then we met up with this guy who had transformed his helmet into a character from the Muppets called ‘Elmo'. This has to be one of the weirdest and whackiest helmets that we have seen in 2015.

Those who follow racing will know the bike in this image, the Aprilia RSV4. This machine has been developed by Max Biaggi himself, who won the WSBK Championship twice (2010 and 2012). It is the same bike the Italian rode with a few tweaks here and there.

Here is something to blow your mind (and hair), DSK-Benelli's TNT 302. It had everyone smiling, including this beautiful model posing with the Italian motorcycle.

Surprisingly everyone was eagerly awaiting for either Yuvraj Singh or his motorcycle. They were all in for a disappointment as most expected the motorcycle to be a bigger-displacement KTM, but it turned out to be a regular Duke 390. The motorcycle was designed by Autologue design with inputs from the cricketer himself.

Here is another angle of YouWeCan KTM X-12 motorcycle. It will be used for creating cancer awareness, and will also be used for fundraising, The motorcycle gets a dark royal blue paint job, which makes it stand out from every other KTM bike.

After not getting complete satisfaction with Yuvraj Singh's motorcycle, the last resort was heading down to the Dyno Wars, which was organised by Race Dynamics. Two performance-oriented Kawasakis took to stage to settle once and for all, which was the the more powerful motorcycle. Surprisingly, the Kawasaki ZX14R lost to the race-bred Ninja ZX10R in terms of exhaust sound.

One of the major attractions at India Bike Week as always was their custom bike section. Here there were some practical motorcycles, while the others are just good looking bikes that may never run on our streets at all. We can clearly see someone modifying their Luna with clip-on handlebars, performance air-filters and all the other bells and whistles.

This custom motorcycle has been stretched and stripped for a unique look. It has a rigid frame and provides little comfort to the rider thanks to the spring below the seat. The flat black paint gives it a stealth look and we would love to see a production bike like this one.

The Trike is a popular motorcycle in other countries, however, this trend has not caught in India. We love the black paint job with flame graphics-it must have taken quite a while for the artist to come up with this creation.

Who said custom motorcycles have to be huge and sport mammoth sized engines. We totally agree that everything good comes in small packages. This year all the custom motorcycles were given decent amount of stage time to showcase their creations.

Reza Hussain of Hyderabad once again won the India Bike Week Biker Build Off challenge. This custom Harley Davidson motorcycle was christened as the ‘Da Bang' motorcycle. A little birdie told us that an unknown person offered INR 32,00,000 for this beauty, but Reza refused to sell.

More and more women this year rode down to India Bike Week and we were lucky to ride alongside Samiksha Bali. It was interesting to see the co-ordination and understanding she shared with the pillion. She rode to Goa on a Royal Enfield and by no means was she slow, she had her foot pegs scraping almost every corner possible. We would love to see more Indian women riding down their motorcycle to next year's edition.

If your little ones have any inclination towards a two-wheeler, do not shy away and give them an opportunity. MotoGP legends like Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies and many others started riding motorcycles at the tender age of approximately three years.

The 2015 edition of India Bike Week witnessed participation from beyond India. There were several individuals who had planned their holidays during this time of the year. We caught up with a few people from Australia, Mauritius, United Kingdom and America as well.

Ace Cafe London had set up their own stall to create an environment where bikers could eat, drink, and take a break from all the hustle. Mark Wilsmore was present at the 2015 India Bike Week. He organised a reunion of the first 59 members from 1994, which was a challenge in itself.

Harley-Davidson and Rajputana Customs have a special connection. Over the years they have built mind blowing motorcycles. This year they have taken a Street 750 and stripped it to its bare minimum. It looks like a Cafe Racer on steroids with its beefy front and rear tyres, along with an explosive engine.

India Bike Week is all about passionate motorcyclists and enthusiasts. Without the motorcycling fraternity this event would crumble to pieces. This year they decided to see which biking club had the maximum number of members present at the festival. It was no surprise, as Riders Republic Bangalore took the honour.

For those who were tired and sleepy, there was a cure for them too. The Red Bull Mini was present and was sure to boost your enthusiasm once again. For the adventurous lot, they could experiment mixing beer and the energy drink together, although we did not advise this.

The day sure moves fast when you're having fun, however, at India Bike Week the party does not end till the last person leaves the venue. Music, dancing and sipping on a cold beer was the perfect way to get ready for the journey back home the next day.

This year DJ Nucleya performed at India Bike Week, and all the fun over the last two days had to come to an end. We love our beer and we love to party, however, our tired legs had no choice but to hit the sack early.

Whoever told you ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away' has been lying to you. As a matter of fact, ‘A Ride A Day Keeps Troubles Away', is a more apt saying and always works for us. So remember India Bike Week will be happening next year as well. If you have a motorcycle bring it down to Goa and have a great time with friendly bikers.
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This year India Bike Week was held in Vagator, Goa on 20th and 21st of February, 2015. The two day event had an entry fee of INR 3,000 and we did not worry about accommodation as tents and dorms were set up. To attend the festival, you just need to make the trip. You don't even need to have a motorcycle. But if you have something worth boasting about, bring it down and let India's bikers be the judge of your machine.


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