Top 10 Selling Two-Wheelers In November 2014

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Motorcycles have always been the easiest and the best mode of transport in India. It is cheap and efficient. This has sparked many motorcycle manufacturers, even those who specialise in making big displacement motorcycles, to focus on making bikes that deliver extremely good fuel efficiency in India.

This in a way has made people shift from looking at motorcycles as a passion to making it a mere mode of transport.

Sales of these motorcycles being in thousands, lets take a look at top 10 motorcycles that have been sold in November 2014, compared to those sold in October 2014, along with their sales numbers.

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10. Bajaj Discover:

This motorcycle from the Bajaj stables has been in the market for a long time. The Discover, manages to cling on to the 10th place in our list for November sales, selling 42,317 units. A month ago, in October, the Discover was in the 7th place, having sold 70,461 units.

9. Bajaj Pulsar:

At number nine is another product from Bajaj. The Pulsar is available in different engine capacities, including the NS 200. The 150 cc version set a benchmark when it launched, making disc brakes a standard fitment in India for the first time. The Pulsar sold 48,361 units in November, compared to 70,763 units in October, during which it held the 6th place.

8. Hero Glamour:

At number eight is the Glamour, made by Hero MotoCorp. The motorcycle was not even able to sell enough numbers in October to make it to the top 10 list. In November though, the motorcycle has managed to capture the 8th spot, by selling 52,807 units.

7. Honda Dream:

At number 7 is a motorcycle from the Japanese bike maker, Honda. The Dream was in the 5th spot in October, having sold 73,010 units and in November, it managed only the seventh spot, having sold 56,414 units.

6. Moped:

Climbing up the ladder to the 6th spot is the Moped, selling 61,630 units in November, it held the 8th place in October, by selling 69,066 units, which is more than it sold in November.

5. Honda CB Shine:

At number five is another motorcycle from the Japanese builder, Honda. The CB Shine which was in the ninth place in October, selling 64,115 units, has managed to work its way up the list to the 5th spot by selling 66,648 units in November 2014.

4. Hero Passion:

The Hero Passion from Hero MotoCorp takes the number four position for November sales. In October, the Passion was in the third spot, selling 1,02,866 units, but has lost its footing along the month of November, slipping down a notch to the fourth place, selling 92,434 units.

3. Hero HF Deluxe:

At number three is Hero MotoCorp again, with the Hero HF Deluxe. The HF Deluxe has actually worked up the list in November, compared to October, but sales figures have dropped. The motorcycle sold 97,229 units in November, but was in the fourth place in October, having sold 1,01,799 units.

2. Honda Activa:

At number two, consistently in October and in November is the Honda Activa. Sales have increased, and so has the ease of mobility for the customers. The Activa has sold 1,76,087 and 1,91,175 units in October and November respectively.

1. Hero Splendor:

At number one and the best seller for October as well as November is the Hero Splendor from Hero MotoCorp. Although it has been in the first place, sales figures has dropped. In October, the Splendor registered a sales of 2,21,084 units and 2,04,919 units in November.

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