World's Oldest Ford Mustang Owner — For Muscle Cars Owners Age Is Just A Number

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Ford's iconic Mustang muscle car, is admired not just by the young enthusiast looking to race between the lights but by millions of people around the world.

However, the owner of the red Mustang seen above is a rather special person. Meet Sweden's Lennart Ribring, a 97-year-old man who is certified by Ford as the oldest Mustang owner in the world.

Born in 1919, Ribring got his driving license in 1937, 27 years before the first Mustang hit streets in 1964.

Ribring was one of the first people in Sweden to buy an original Ford Mustang in the 1960s and he even taught his son to drive in the very same car.

Now 97, Ribring decided he wanted another go at the Mustang before he drives off into the sunset and purchased the 2016 Mustang.

This is no Ecoboost V6 Mustang with an automatic gearbox, no Ribring decided to get the proper pony in the form of a V8 Mustang GT equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Now, Ribring may be the oldest Mustang owner in the world, but do you know that despite its manly, muscular image, the first Mustang was actually purchased by a woman.

However, before the brawny side of the Mustang owners club jumps and screams in outrage, do note that is something confirmed by Ford.

In 1964, Gail Wise, a 22-year old, newly minted school teacher was looking for a new convertible to drive herself to school in.

On April 15, 1964, Wise dropped into her local Ford dealership looking for her new car.

Unfortunately, the Ford dealership didn't have any convertibles to sell, but the salesman asked her to come to the back of the dealership, where he had 'something special' to show her.

The 'something special' turned out to be a baby blue convertible Mustang, exactly what Wise wanted.

The salesman wasn't supposed to sell the car till April 17, the day the Mustang was finally unveiled, but like any good salesman spotting a sale, he relented and sold the car to Wise, two days early.

Till, this day Wise isn't sure why the salesman sold her sold her the Mustang convertible early, but on that day she was happy to part with the cash along with Chevrolet she was trading in for the baby blue pony car.

When Wise drove out of the dealership, she was treated like a movie star by the people on the street, who recognized the car and flagged her down to congratulate her.

However, Wise didn't know just how special her Mustang was till 2010, when she found out that her Mustang convertible was the very first Ford Mustang ever sold to a customer.

Wise and her husband still have the Mustang, and the couple now take the vehicle to classic car shows and drive their grandchildren around in it.

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