Giant Wind Turbine Blade Cuts Through A Truck; Brings Autobahn To A Halt

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Traffic at a German autobahn was brought to a standstill when a giant wind turbine blade sliced through a truck after its transport vehicle was involved in an accident.

The giant blade crash landed on a separate truck and injuring the 61-year-old driver. "Half the lorry was crushed," said a police officer who was at the scene.

The pictures prove that it's amazing that the driver even survived, as the multi-ton blade sliced through the driver's cabin of the truck.

Also, from the images, it's unclear how exactly the large blade was being transported. Sometimes just a single vehicle carries the blade, with its front sticking forward from the back of the truck.

Other transportation includes placing the blade flat over a multi-vehicle setup, with the back of the blade carried by a separate truck.

The blade ended up over a major German autobahn and blocked traffic for enough time causing several kilometres of traffic jams.

It's an amazing feat to transport a large wind turbine blade via a truck and takes a lot of skills by the driver to manoeuvre it across some of the toughest conditions.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 17:11 [IST]
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