What Happened To The Front Bench Seats In Cars?

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Do you remember the front bench seats which were a standard fitment in some of the bygone era cars like the Ambassador and Contessa? Well, these are no more there, read on to find out why car manufacturers are not preferring this seat in the cars.

Why Front Bench Seats On Cars Are Not Preferred Choice Anymore


With safety features getting more important and cars getting faster and quicker every day, airbags had to become standard fitment. The airbag will not work in case of bench seats, the airbags are individual in nature and is exclusively fit for the driver and the co-driver.


As time passed, gadgets and technology made way for a lot of storage facilities in the cars, by having single individual seats you can have a lot of space for storage like bottle holder, mobile phones, cash or coins, charging ports and a lot more.


What was once a comfort of bench seats has given way to single seats, the reason is because everyone wants to have a personal space and feel comfortable. Bench seats are comfortable too, only if your car is really not fast enough because it could throw you out in the case of a collision. Cars with higher speed need safety seat belts, with bench seats it's difficult to have a seat belt.

Some of the benefits of the bench seats were when you drive to a drive-in theatre and the bench seat becomes a couch and you can relax in the atmosphere. However, single seats are better off when to comes to safety and comfort too.

There are still some who prefer a bench seat just for that classic touch, vintage car collectors, and car restorers are still customising these features, however, these are not in use in daily life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 12:53 [IST]
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