Why Aftermarket Blind Spot Mirrors For Your Car Are Actually Unsafe

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An increasing number of car users in the country are installing ‘fish eye', ‘blind spot', or ‘convex mirrors' on the outside mirrors of their vehicles. You might have noticed one of these, a sharply convex mirror stuck on to the OVRM, usually in a circular shape.

While these fish eye stick-on mirrors may seem like a good solution for a greater spread of rearward vision, there are some important things you need to know about them. Because instead of increasing your safety net around the car, they have actually been found to be highly unsafe.

Let's take a look at why you should think twice about installing these blind spot mirrors on your car.

1. Distorted and confusing rear vision

While these convex mirror additions are supposed to increase your rearward field of vision, they are actually confusing to use effectively, since your eyes take extra time to adjust to the reflection of the blind spot mirrors, since you will normally first glance at the normal mirror and then move to the additional one. That means your eyes are off the road for longer than they should be.

2. Useful reflection is restricted to the edge

Fish eye mirrors compress reflections towards the edges because of their design, and one is able to benefit only from what's reflected around the outer edge of the mirror.

3. Valuable reflecting area is lost

Side mirrors are designed specifically to provide the best possible rear and side vision, so attaching an additional aftermarket one is always going to take away from the natural design of the mirror, rendering it far less useful, and even unsafe.

4. Blinded by the light

Convex mirrors are not designed to absorb glare and harsh reflections, and also don't have dimming or anti-glare features like an increasing number of side mirrors have these days. As a result, it can become an even more painful experience driving at night.

5. Difficult to remove, adhesive harmful to paint

When the time comes to remove these add-on mirrors, you will have a lot of problems, as the adhesives used are usually extremely strong. A special (and expensive) solvent is required for the process, which in turn can damage the paint finish on your car if there's a spill.

6. Unattractive looks

While this is generally not the most important issue, why would you want your car mirrors to look ugly, especially given all these important disadvantages?

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So there you have it. While these aftermarket convex mirrors might promise a lot of advantages on paper, they can actually be seriously detrimental to your safety, during both highway and city driving. And with driving conditions as they are in India, one needs to safeguard themselves to the maximum extent, so do think twice about having fish eye mirrors installed on your car.

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