Watch An Unaware Truck Driver Dragging A Car And Its Driver After An Accident

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An amazing video taken on a US freeway shows a large truck dragging a car and its driver, apparently oblivious the two vehicles had gotten into an accident.

The video was captured by a witness who was driving up the freeway when he pulled up on the truck dragging a Nissan Maxima.

"They're dragging the car," the witness can be heard saying in the clip, astonished by what he's seeing. "They don't know what's going on here."

When he pulls alongside the two vehicles, the driver in the car, being dragged, rolls down his window and is seen waving at the truck driver to stop.

"He's not stopping," the man says to Steinke as he drives past. A group of motorists managed and force it to a stop on the side of the road.

Upon approaching the truck driver after coming to a stop and asked why he continued to drive, the truck driver responds by saying he did not know it.

As per the California Highway Patrol, the truck was travelling up the pass when it approached a slower-moving truck. When the truck tried to pass the slower vehicle, it joined into another lane and hit the Nissan.

The driver of the truck maintains that he had no idea that an accident occurred. The driver of the Nissan Maxima was not seriously injured.

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