How Does Strapping A 3000BHP+ Engine On A Small Boat Sound? Watch This!

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Automobile enthusiasts are a separate species on earth who are not satisfied with any amount of power. We have seen everything from turbine powered motorcycles like the MTT Y2K, to a mere bicycle with a rocket powered engine that beat the daylights out of a Ferrari on a drag strip.

That's all fine with land lovers, but what about those who prefer to race on water? They too have come up with a similar solution — get a 3000bhp+ Lycoming T-55 L-7 helicopter engine and strap it to a light boat and race!

These boats are able to do skim over the water at speeds over 200mph (321km/h). All that adrenaline is fun until, the boats disintegrate with the speed, and of course, choppy waters get you airborne before you crash land.

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Story first published: Friday, August 12, 2016, 15:32 [IST]
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