After Self-Driving Vehicles — It's Time For Shopping Carts

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Walmart, leader in retail market with a successful profit margin, is now working on something unique. Yes Walmart is planning a self-driving shopping cart, which was revealed through a patent filing in US Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO).

A patent was filed by Walmart on March 2016 suggests that a self-driven shopping cart may be a possibility. Application reveals that a Roomba-esque motor device is fitted underside of a shopping cart. Customers can use their smartphones to command the internet connected device.

The shopping cart will be controlled by a centralised computer, which can navigate the store using sensors, it will also act as a guide to customers to shop different items inside the store. This will help to improve the customer experience.

Even though a patent is filed and granted, it doesn't mean that Walmart is already working on this. A self-driven shopping cart may seem too much, but who knows what will the latest technology has to offer.

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