Just Hold On For One Damme Minute — Volvo Pulls Of An Insane Paragliding Stunt

Volvo's latest ad for the FH 540 truck may be crazier than Jean Claude Van Damme.

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When Jean Claude Van Damme pulled off the 'Epic Split' while dangling between two moving Volvo trucks, we thought we had reached the end of the crazy road that Volvo's ads we going to take.

However, to our great delight, Volvo's truck ad lunacy didn't end with the damned split and the company is back again with an ad that takes the madness levels up to 11.

This time, Volvo strapped paraglider Guillaume Galvani to the side of a FH 540 truck which kept Galvani up in the air and helped him ascend and descend by speeding up and slowing down. 

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