Driving A Volvo FH Truck On Two Wheels—Behind The Scenes

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Stunt driving or performing stunts with automobiles is a dangerous, yet a task that needs the highest of skills. A lot of mental and physical strength is required.

Ever imagined what would it take to drive a car on two wheels? It takes a lot of preparation, strength, skill, and most importantly practise.

So now, imagine what it would take to drive a truck on two wheels? That's exactly what Walter "Willy" Melis did with a Volvo FH truck, to shoot a music video for Mapei's "# Million Ways to Live" .

It wasn't a walk in the park though. There were several attempts and not too many after did Willy get the truck on two wheels and got a perfect shot.

The truck's safety features would not let a truck roll after a certain angle and the safety features bring the truck back on all four wheels. So the solution? Disconnect the safety features!

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