Parked Volkswagen Jetta Catches Fire; Leaves Owner Desperate For Answers

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Volkswagen is already making headlines around the world for the Diesel Gate Scandal, and the latest incident involves a Jetta that caught fire when it was parked. The incident took place in Kerala on February 1, 2017.

As per the owner, who has taken to social media to seek answers, the Jetta caught fire when it was parked in his office. The engine was turned off just five minutes before the fire started in the engine bay, that has left most components under the hood in a mess.

The owner also claims that he had around 75 percent fuel in the car, and he was informed by the neighbour's watchman about the fire. In an attempt to douse the flames, the bonnet had to be forced open and after battling with the fire for almost 45 minutes, the situation was under control.

Volkswagen officials came to the spot to inspect the car, and according to the vehicle owner, there has been no solid answer till date. The car has since been at the Volkswagen service centre, and despite numerous calls, he still waits for a valid answer.

In fact, the owner of the Jetta claims that all his vehicle's service records are available with the local VW outlet and his car was part of the recent recall. The car is hardly a year and a half old, and no modifications of any sort have been done. Also, the car owner says he got an estimate of Rs 30 lakh to fix the vehicle, while the car is still under warranty.

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