Fastest Tractor Yet: Setting A World Top Speed Record

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Every now and then, there is a vehicle that sets a speed record. Trying to make a mark in the book of records is not just limited to cars or motorcycles, but to other vehicles that have wheels and an engine to power them.

Record setting vehicles have been JCBs as well. The latest to do so is a Tractor, which ploughed its way into the Guinness Book of Records for doing a top speed of 130.165 km/h!

Lets take a closer look at how the Tractor was able to achieve it and the man behind the wheels of the record setting Tractor.

About Valtra:

Valtra, the company that made the Tractor has been operational since 1951. It is a Finnish based company. The following models are being made by them:

  • Valtra S-series (270-400 hp)
  • Valtra T-series (170-250 hp)
  • Valtra N-series (88-160 hp)
  • Valtra A-series (74-98 hp)
  • Valtra 3000-series (52-76 hp)

Top Speed:

The Valtra Tractor made its way into the record books by clocking a top speed of 130.165 km/h. That is as fast as some of the cars being sold in the Indian market currently.


The man behind the wheels of the record setting Tractor was Juha Kankkunen, Finnish Rally car driver with 4 world championships under his belt. Kankkunen has participated in 162 Rallies till date and has 23 Rally wins.


The record was set in no bright sunny day on a long drag strip. It was done in winter and on ice. The record took place on the 19th of February 2015 on the emergency airfield of Vuojärvi, Finland, which is approximately 20 kilometres from the city of Sodankylä. The total length of the packed snow strip was approximately 2,300 metres, and a 50-metre speed trap was set at the middle of the strip.


This record run would not have been possible if they had not used the wright tyre. They used Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI tyres, which uses a unique tread pattern, winter rubber compound and siping maximise grip and traction.


The diagonal siping creates grooves on the tread blocks, increasing the number of edges that grip the driving surface and improving longitudinal and lateral grip. The world's northernmost tyre manufacturer was the first to introduce block pattern tyres for tractors over 10 years ago.

Story first published: Monday, April 20, 2015, 16:44 [IST]
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