Here’s A Peek Into CM Akhilesh Yadav’s Exotic Bus

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Indian politicians are known for living a lavish life, taken into consideration their vehicles, homes, and sometimes their behavior and acts in public. One such politician to make the news of recent is the Chief Minister (CM) of UP, Akhilesh Yadav and his bus that is worth Rs 5 crore.

What makes it special? Well, to start off, there is an elevator in the bus, that gives the CM access to the roof of the bus, so he can address the crowd. The elevator is not the only highlight of his swanky Mercedes-Benz.

The interior is reportedly divided into two sections, one being a living area and the other being an office. The living area reportedly features a luxurious kitchen with a fridge and a washroom, while the office half of the bus can accommodate up to 6 occupants.

The interior has a large LCD TV and offers 4G connectivity. The bus even gets multiple CCTV cameras to keep an eye out for the Chief Minister's safety.

Also, the Mercedes bus gets bullet proof glass all around, giving the CM all the protection he needs. The exterior is finished in a very catchy paint job that does not let the people miss out recognizing the vehicle.

The bus is surely interesting, but what gave away so many details about the vehicle is when the CM was out in his bus, the vehicle had a breakdown. Details were most probably given away by either a mechanic or the driver, after the CM was picked up in his bullet proof car.

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