UFO Inspired Ford Futuristic Vehicle Developed By Gar Fioto

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Concept car are already vehicles that will eventually take shape and be launched. Several automobile manufacturers admit that future cars are still a far away from being mass produced.

Future vehicles are not expected to run on traditional fuels like petrol and diesel. Scientists are developing systems that will run on hydrogen fuel cells and will not create harmful emissions.

Even vehicles of the future will look different what we drive currently. Here is Gar Fioto's design that has been inspired by UFO's that have been represented from occasional sightings.

We are not claiming that UFO's and aliens exist or do not. This is just a representation of how the future vehicles could look like and we surely like this interpretation.

Gar Fioto or better known as ‘Chopit' has designed a custom vehicle that has been inspired from UFO's. He has used a Ford to develop this one of a kind vintage vehicle transformed into a futuristic automobile.

This vehicle will be put on auction in America and is expected to be sold for USD 2,50,000 and above. Gar Fioto has named this model as the Beatnik and looks somewhat similar to the space vehicle used in Jetsons cartoon.

Beatnik will be powered by a small block V8 engine from Chevrolet. All engine components have been chrome plated for a premium and one of a kind experience. There is a massive opening on the hood from where the ai-intake system protrudes an breathes freely.

The main attraction that sets this creation apart from other models is a bubble sphere as vehicle roof. Providing a panoramic view and showcasing the premium interior. We believe this must have surely been inspired from space vehicles that is represented by us.

Steering wheel has also been shaped like an aircraft and looks unique and maintains it UFO links. We especially liked the speedometer console that has been shaped like a bullet and is a more complicated system than the regular meter.

The Beatnik is also a lowrider and is as good as scraping the floor. Wheels have also been hidden as the wheel arches have been completely covered. It has extensive use of chrome across the bumper and grille that Americans typically love.

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