Uber Driver Is Out Of His Depth As He Races The Rising Tide

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A hapless Uber driver and his passengers were recently caught out by the rising tide as he attempted to return to the English mainland from The Holy Island of Lindisfarne in the north eastern English county of Northumberland.

The driver and his passengers, a lady and a Buddhist monk were returning after visiting the tidal Holy Island, where Lindisfarne Castle now stands.

The causeway which connects Holy Island to mainland England has designated safe crossing times because, at certain points of the day, high tide comes and completely covers the road.

However, it would seem the driver ignored the warnings about the tidal problems and decided to push ahead in his quest to get his passengers back to the mainland.

Unfortunately for the driver and his hapless passengers, mother nature had other ideas with regards to his attempt to cross the causeway.

With the water levels rising up the driver of the prepaid Uber managed to get his car and his passengers to higher ground not far from the mainland.

Thankfully, for the rest of us, the Uber driver (who will most certainly not be getting a 5-star rating) and his attempted escapade was caught on camera by a drone flying in the area and can be seen below.

The driver and his passengers were later rescued by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) using a lifeboat.

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