12 Beach Driving Destinations: The Sound Of Serene

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Holidays don't always need to be about fancy hotels and expensive foreign trips, since there is plenty to gain from being as useless and lazy as possible during your days away from the grind.

We know we all can use a break from our daily routine, so why not try a beach holiday with a difference? That's why we've arranged a list of beach driving destinations, the kinds of places where all you need to do is absolutely nothing at all. Some are intentionally farther away than the others, for those who believe a long drive too, is good for the soul.

1. Muzhappilangad Beach:

Not many places in the whole of Asia, let alone India, boast of drive-in beaches, so this one should be a definite winner if you're looking for a different seaside experience. As a 4-kilometre long stretch surrounded by clusters of rock where people drive right up to the sand, Muzhappilangad is located between Kannur and Thalassery, Kerala.

Distance from Bangalore: 315 kms
Route: Via NH17,
Driving time: 7 hours
Best time to visit: September to March

Photo credit: Wiki Commons

2. Kizhunna Ezhara Beach

If you've got only a couple of days to unwind, try visiting Ezhara Beach, as it's only around 300 kays from Bangalore, but is one of the most gorgeous and secluded beaches in Kerala. It's within easy reach of Kannur (only 11 kilometres away), so cram the family into the car and head on down towards Kizhunna Ezhara.

Distance from Bangalore: 320 kms
Route: Via NH17
Driving time: 7 hours
Best time to visit: September to March

Photo credit: Flickr/Rameshng

3. Paradise Beach

The lesser known beaches are what we're increasingly after nowadays, and Paradise Beach (or Chunnambar) is one of those sorts. It's the perfect place to plan as your destination for the day, with calm and clear water that the entire family can enjoy, since it isn't too deep at all. A row boat or a speed boat (depending on your pocket and sense of adventure) will get you to Paradise Beach from Chunnambar resort.

Distance from Bangalore: 390 kms
Route: Via NH46
Driving time: 6.5 hours
Best time to visit: October to February

Photo credit: Kate overseas

4. Gokarna Beach

Both international and local tourists flock to Gokarna for its serenity, clean white sand, and inviting blue water. And since it's extremely affordable, many decide to shack up for weeks on end here. In addition, the easy nature of Gokarna often sparks friendly chat with other visiting folk, so don't be surprised if you have a dozen new friends on Facebook at the end of your trip.

Distance from Bangalore: 520 kms
Route: Via NH4
Driving time: 8 hours
Best time to visit: September to February

Photo credit: Wiki Commons

5. Polem Beach

The next time you plan a trip to Goa, why not think of a destination there off the beaten path? Polem Beach is one such stop, on the border of the South Goa beaches and the Karnataka state coastline. The landscape is not cluttered with development unlike so much of Goa now, so if you want a getaway with the only hustle and bustle being crabs tickling your feet, this is it.

Distance from Bangalore: 530 kms
Route: Via NH4,
Driving time: 8 hours
Best time to visit: October to February

Photo credit: Flickr/Lady Ives

6. Galgibaga Beach

Seclusion is guaranteed at Galgibaga Beach, as it is an island beach that does not permit tourism development at all. That's because the area is a nesting ground of protected Olive Ridley turtles, that you might see crawling towards the sea if you visit between December and February. The water is great for a dip, and the secluded beach is extremely clean, so keep Galgibaga in mind next time you're Goa-side.

Distance from Bangalore: 540 kms
Route: Via NH4
Driving time: 8.5 hours
Best time to visit: July to February

7. Marari Beach

One of the top 5 ‘Hammock Beaches in the World' according to a National Geographic survey, Marari Beach will suit the city slicker who wants to lose that very image. This unique destination offers a good beachside base to explore Kerala backwaters, or even a day trip to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, if that's your kind of thing.

Distance from Bangalore: 585 kms
Route: via NH7, NH47,
Driving time: 10.5 hours
Best time to visit: September to March

8. Dhanushkodi Beach

When part of your relaxation is driving, this longish journey should do you nicely, because getting there is half the fun, right? But that's not to say all the fun of your trip to Dhanushkodi Beach, Tamilnadu, is the drive, because a blissful, picturesque and calm destination awaits you. Located 20 kilometres from Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi is believed to be the location where Lord Rama and Hanuman and his army constructed the "Setu" bridge to Sri Lanka.

Distance from Bangalore: 615 kms
Route: Via NH7, AH43, NH49
Driving time: 10 hours
Best time to visit: October to April

Photo credit: Wiki Commons

9. Bhogave Beach

An idyllic setting to spread out that beach towel and soak up the rays with a good book, Bhogave Beach is located 20 kilometres from Malvan, Maharashtra. Another of those beaches to travel to if you want driving to be part of the fun, but there are nice resorts here that will provide you with a relaxing break in a secluded beach setting. A bonus to look forward to if you travel in winter - you might chance upon dolphins near the shore.

Distance from Bangalore 640 kms
Route: Via NH4
Driving time: 10 hours
Best time to visit: October to December

Photo credit: Flickr/Enygmatic-Halycon

10. Tarkarli

Want to do a bit of scuba diving and snorkelling, but combine it with a peaceful seaside setting? Look no further than Tarkarli Beach then, located on the Konkan belt in Maharashtra. Spend the day lazing on the soft sand or do a bit of swimming in the clean water, it's entirely up to you and yours. A great place to visit if you want time to do absolutely nothing at all.

Distance from Bangalore: 650 kms
Route: Via NH4
Driving time: 10 hours
Best time to visit: October to December

Photo credit: Wiki Commons

11. Varkala Beach

Sunbathing and swimming Central, Varkala Beach is a popular tourist destination, but still remains a gorgeous beach with clean, clear water. Varkala has cliffs in one direction and the Arabian Sea in the other, and is a must-visit if you want to lie back and ‘chill'. Take a guitar along if you're so inclined, and you'll have an enthusiastic audience sooner than you know...

Distance from Bangalore: 680 kms
Route: Via AH43, NH7
Driving time: 12 hours
Best time to visit: October to March

Photo credit: Wiki Commons

12. Kappil Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, Kappil Beach has thankfully remained untouched by the state's rapid development. However, like everything else, it will soon get more and more crowded, so plan your trip soon and enjoy Kerala at its seaside best. Since it's a bit of a hike getting there, plan to stay for at least three or four days. No better excuse to ditch the cubicle, we say.

Distance from Bangalore: 685 kms
Route: Via AH43, NH7
Driving time: 11 hours 15 minutes
Best time to visit: September to March

Photo credit: Flickr/Exposure to light and shades

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